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Loop Returns: Self-Service Returns | BlueRock Digital

Written by Macaulay Hey | May 24, 2022

We’re excited to partner with Loop Returns - a business that’s revolutionising how customers are returning and exchanging their online purchases. 

The returns process is one of the most fragile interactions customers and brands can have with each other, but Loop Returns is streamlining and automating the process to take the pain out of returns for brands, their customers, and their customer support teams.

Loop Returns is a software that can plug straight into existing Shopify stores, providing complete returns automation, new product exchanges, and a fully customised portal to help enhance the customer experience.


How it works


On-demand returns portal

With a fully-automated returns process, customers are able to access the returns portal at any time of the day, including when your team is finished for the day, away for lunch, or helping other customers. 

Once in the portal, your customers will be able to see their orders, with any ineligible items greyed out or unselectable. An example of ineligible items could be not being able to return sales items, or you can disqualify whole categories, like swimwear.

Customers are then encouraged to choose an item to exchange before being offered a refund, helping businesses retain their original revenue. Loop provides a selection of other options the customer can choose from. If your customer bought a black medium-sized t-shirt, it will give them other colour and size options that they can exchange. It will even check the inventory levels and only show items that are available.


Learning from your returns

Loop is great at finding new and valuable insights about your customers and your products. You can ask different questions depending on what product the customer is returning and find out the ‘why’ with ease. 

You can ask your customer why they’re returning the item with options like, ‘It didn’t fit right, ‘It didn’t look right’ or ‘Arrived damaged’, giving you the data to improve your products and reduce returns as well.

By adding layers to your feedback, you can hone in on specific products and find common trends about sizing, colour, or other details that you can take on board to minimise returns. For instance, if the return was due to a sizing issue, the second layer of questions might be, “It was too large”, “It was too small”, “It fit too tight” or “It fit too loose”. 



Incentives are a great way to encourage your customer to consider exchanging their items as opposed to refunding them. Offering store credit to your customers who exchange instead of refunding is a very simple and extremely effective way to retain revenue. 


Make the exchange experience just like shopping

While customers are in the exchange portal, they’re able to browse your entire catalogue of products and exchange the value of their return anywhere within your shop. Because of Loop's deep integration with Shopify, the exchange portal is still a regular shopping experience for the customer on your normal website, making the whole experience consistent. Keeping the shopping ability within the exchange portal keeps the customer happy and can help increase the chances of them converting to an exchange instead of a refund.

But this doesn’t limit the customer to just products of the same value. If they choose a lower cost item, they can get a refund or store credit for the remaining amount. But even if they choose a more expensive item, Loop makes it so that they can pay the difference straight away, and you can collect your upsell revenue with ease.

There is also an instant exchange functionality available too. This allows the customer to temporarily pay for the new exchange item while their return item is in transit, and once their return is received they will be refunded back the full amount of their second payment, so there is less time lost between their items.


Give your team back their time

Manually handling returns can take up a lot of your team's time. Loop can increase the efficiency of time spent handling returns by automating much of the process. When a customer goes to return or exchange items, Loop will auto enforce your policies to make sure you receive the items back in the same condition they left.

Loop allows you to approve returns automatically to increase efficiency. But it also gives the option to customise this process. You might decide certain events trigger automatic approval, like an item getting dropped at the post office. But you may decide higher-risk transactions, like refunds, must be manually inspected first.


Loop Returns & Shopify 

Loop can be easily integrated into your systems to help ease the process of customer returns. Firstly, Loop will capture data from your customers. Secondly, Loop will send the recently captured data and send it to your third-party software, which is usually Shopify. Lastly, Shopify will then send data back to Loop, closing the loop.


Interested in learning more about Loop?

Bluerock Digital has the ability to implement Loop into your Shopify store with ease. By letting us take all the hard work out of the process, you can focus on more important things in your business. Loop can help maximise your efficiency in your business, and help retain some of your hard-earned revenue.

If you’re interested in hearing about how Loop can help your business, get in touch.