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How to future-proof your hospitality business with Lightspeed

Written by Ryan Kagan | April 14, 2021

BlueRock Digital has long partnered with Kounta to help our hospitality clients implement best-in-class POS systems that make contactless payment, delivery and take-away a seamless experience. 

But now Kounta has a new name: ‘Lightspeed’. And along with the name comes some exciting new features, such as ‘Lightspeed delivery’. Lightspeed delivery syncs UberEats, Deliveroo and DoorDash orders all to a single POS system in order to avoid the messy crossover.

COVID-19 hit the hospitality industry hard. But with the industry gaining momentum, there’s no better time to implement a Lightspeed POS system to ready your business for the future - no matter what it entails. A seamless delivery system will allow your business to operate beyond capacity for a long time to come, even after the dust of COVID has settled. 

Lightspeed delivery explained

The Lightspeed delivery platform combines all food delivery services into one POS system. The platform is easy to use, convenient and provides in-depth menu analysis. The centralised menu management system provides insights into orders to maximise your profit and analyse sales - what’s working, what's not, what's profitable and what you might consider removing from the menu. 

While it may seem like a good idea to add all your offerings to your delivery menu, profitability, production capacity and inventory control often show otherwise. Margins and quality are two of the most important factors to consider when creating your delivery menu. Without the ability to personally upsell dishes by adding wines or sides, it's important to consider: will selling this item cost the business more money than it brings in? Figuring out what is and isn't profitable can be a headache even at the best of times, but Lightspeed’s ‘menu matrix’ function helps to find the sweet spot between dishes that you and your customers love. This is done by graphing popularity against profitability. Lightspeed explains that while “most dine-in menus will have a combination of all four categories, takeaway menus should be dominated by dishes in the Star category”. This is just one of the many ways you can optimise delivery using Lightspeed’s POS system.

Client successes with Lightspeed

We’ve helped a number of hospitality clients and franchisors implement Kounta’s Lightspeed into their businesses. Here’s what BlueRock Digital client Randy from Brioche by Philip had to say about Lightspeed:

How has data allowed you to make profitable changes to your business?

We’re able to track individual product sales to determine popularity and tweak inventory accordingly to maximise sales and therefore profitability. In addition, having multiple sites linked to one account lets us forecast, and move stock from one venue to another when sales are slow at one venue but selling well at another. The time of sales is also a valuable feature for maximising staff efficiency and reducing wage costs.

How has Lightspeed scaled with and supported the scaling of your business?

This has been the best part for us – as our number of venues increases we can simply roll out Lightspeed to the new sites with existing pricing (or different pricing if required) and all this can be viewed through the one back end to monitor sales. This is important as scaling stores should be streamlined and easy, and having Lightspeed for our POS makes it so. It’s one less headache for managers or potential new franchisees to worry about.

Looking to implement a cloud-based POS system into your hospitality operations? 

Take your hospitality venue or franchise’s POS and delivery systems to the next level. BlueRock Digital’s systems experts can help you with the implementation of Lightspeed. So whether you’re looking to get started for the first time, or you’re gearing up to take your hospo business to the next level, we’d love to help.