BlueRock Digital welcomes Sarah No and the Ventures business

By BlueRock Digital - April 26, 2022

BlueRock Ventures is turning the traditional agency model on its head by incentivising partnerships between BlueRock Digital and eCommerce businesses to share in the investment and growth.

If you haven't already heard, we've recently established a BlueRock Digital Ventures team that focuses on partnering with and growing early-stage eCommerce businesses.

The recently founded BlueRock Digital Ventures team enables us to invest BlueRock Digital funds into start-up eCommerce businesses that we love, that our own values align with, and can see potential in for scaling. The unique program gives these businesses a pathway toward accelerated growth that may otherwise be stunted due to the absence of a skilled growth team and capital. 

The standard agency model, which BlueRock still offers across eCommerce, CX, business systems, and brand & acquisition marketing, is a fee-for-service model where the delivery is service focused and requires adequate time and investment on the client’s part.

What makes this model different and enticing to Venture’s partners is the provision of services and investment from BlueRock Digital in exchange for a share in revenue and options for a shareholding. Outside of stumping up the cost of the advertising spend, some of the services on offer to clients include influencer marketing, user-generated content, community-focused social media, paid advertising, content production, conversion rate optimisation, SEO,  email marketing and automation.

The model provides partners with an option to have their eCommerce operation scale with a high performing growth team with little risk.

 “We constantly strive to evolve what we do and how we do it, which gives us the ability to drive more effective outcomes for our clients. Our Ventures model removes potential constraints for our clients by allowing them to have a full cross-functional team of eCommerce specialists working on their brand. This allows them to realise the full potential of their eCommerce operation much quicker and more effectively.” says Simon Brosolo, Managing Director of BlueRock Digital.  

Heading up the team, we welcome Sarah No as Associate Director. Sarah has been in the digital industry for fifteen years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to BlueRock Digital. 

Starting her career in email campaign management, SEO, eCommerce, app development and project management, Sarah went on to found and run two businesses in the eCommerce, healthcare, wellness and lifestyle spaces, before joining us here at BlueRock Digital. One of Sarah’s biggest career highlights was pioneering the launch of a world-first app in HIV self-care, which attracted more than 10,000 users in its first year.   

Simon quotes "Having worked with Sarah many moons ago and seeing her amazing progress in the industry over the last decade, I know she has all the firepower to lead this focus for us.”

We also welcome Creative Content Specialist Tom Litchfield. Tom is an established content creator who brings along three years of experience in eCommerce and social media marketing, previously leading the social media team at Australian swimwear brand, Pink Colada. With a creative eye and knowledge of trends, Tom brings a refined approach to all aspects of content, from conceptualisation to execution, particularly in creator marketing, which covers influencer marketing, UGC and broader content production. 



Sarah No, Tom Litchfield


Sarah says “The entire team is really energised with the Venture’s model, and we have already seen huge growth and potential for our first Ventures partner with a 6 fold growth in monthly sales in the first 3 months with forecasted growth of 350% throughout the remainder of the calendar year. What I see as the secret sauce for BlueRock Digital is our ability to identify winning eCommerce businesses to partner with, our community-minded approach, and our desire to perform cross-functionally."


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We’re so excited to welcome the Ventures team to BlueRock Digital. If you’re interested in partnering with the newly formed Ventures team to grow your business, get in touch. 


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