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BlueRock Digital now a HubSpot Platinum Partner!

Written by Alex Hollick | September 16, 2020

We’re beyond excited to announce that BlueRock Digital is now a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner. In early 2020, BlueRock Digital joined the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program, joining an ecosystem of businesses that offer marketing, sales, customer service, web design and CRM implementation services and solutions with HubSpot.

In less than a year, we’ve moved up the ranks to achieve Platinum partner status. The achievement recognises the team’s dedication to the HubSpot platform, our expertise in bringing together inbound marketing and business operations and ultimately, our success in leveraging the software to help our clients grow. 

The power of HubSpot

With a CRM at its core, HubSpot is a powerful marketing, sales and customer service software that provides everything a business needs to build better customer relationships, manage their inbound marketing campaigns and grow their businesses.  

Supporting more than 500 integrations, HubSpot seamlessly integrates with the day-to-day tools and software many of our clients use to run their businesses, and makes automating routine tasks easy. It’s one of the best inbound marketing technologies out there, giving businesses of all sizes and in all industries the tools they need to grow.  

What does it mean to be a HubSpot Platinum Partner?

Partners are assigned HubSpot tiers based on a combination of metrics, many of which are directly aligned to the success of their clients’ inbound marketing strategies.  

In less than a year, the success we’ve helped our clients achieve with HubSpot has seen us jump to Platinum tiering. BlueRock Digital is now one of 24 Platinum Partners in Australia, but very few agencies reach platinum status within their first 12 months - with many needing years to achieve that feat. 

Because of this amazing result, we’re now in the lead in HubSpot’s Rookie Partner of the Year award for the broader APAC region and making a strong play for the overall Partner of the Year award. HubSpot’s annual Impact Awards recognise the outstanding work Agency Partners have done for their clients, with the Rookie of the Year category specifically designed for Partners who have joined the program within the last 2 years. The winners are announced  early next year, so watch this space!

Why BlueRock Digital and HubSpot make a perfect pair

We chose to partner with HubSpot for two main reasons:

1. Their impressive success stories. A 2018 ROI study reported that businesses who had adopted HubSpot recorded, on average, 2.5 more leads and 2.1 more visitors per month within the first year. On the partnership, BlueRock Digital’s Managing Director, Simon Brosolo, said:

“I’ve been in the digital and MarTech industry for 14 years and have had practical experience with all the global players. HubSpot have been able to integrate their tools in a more seamless fashion and in a way that is easier to use for marketing teams and business owners alike. It also offers a great solution for SMEs starting out, which then scales with businesses as they grow into the next tier.”  

2. HubSpot’s mission aligns perfectly with our own and includes a lot of the same values we have here at BlueRock Digital - customer-centricity, community, and a focus on helping our customers achieve meaningful growth.

As one of Melbourne’s only true end-to-end digital providers, we combine growth marketing and business systems expertise to help our clients improve their operations and meaningfully grow their businesses. We not only specialise in business, marketing and digital strategy, but we’re also experts in technical implementation, systems integrations and workflow automation. It’s these capabilities that make us uniquely suited to the HubSpot Partner Program. We guide our clients through HubSpot implementation to ensure the system is seamlessly aligned to the needs of their business, then we help them unlock the platform’s potential with expert customer experience, inbound marketing strategy and operational excellence.

Some of our success stories

As a certified HubSpot Partner Agency, we’ve been actively engaging our clients to transform their marketing, sales and customer service functions since early 2020. Since March, we’ve onboarded 13 clients from industries such as retail/eCommerce, manufacturing, building, technology, pharmaceutical and professional services, all of which are seeing incredible business benefit from their investments. 

On BlueRock Digitial’s success, HubSpot’s Channel Account Manager, Laura Sully, said:

"Not many HubSpot Partners can say they reached Platinum within the first 12 months of their journey, BlueRock Digital can! This achievement is a testament to the team’s customer-centric approach and commitment to help their clients grow. Not only do they help clients with digital, marketing, and business operations but they bring to the table technical and integration expertise which gives them an edge. BlueRock Digital is a true end to end digital provider.

Both Elliott Chapman and I are grateful to work with such a dedicated and legendary team. Big Congratulations. Looking forward to celebrating your continued success. Rookie of the Year, here we come!"

Thanks team!

It’s a massive accomplishment and one we couldn’t have achieved without the hard work and dedication of the BlueRock Digital team, our HubSpot partner team, as well as our clients and the wider BlueRock community. 

Like to hear more about how BlueRock Digital and HubSpot can help your business grow?